Journey through landless people.... Let's voice out for voiceless people who displaced by war,Natural disaster , Mass development activities and Human & Elephant Co-Existence issue and Plantation workers of Sri Lanka
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lets build self sufficiant unit to over come the hunger

Written By Joining Hands Network on Monday, June 27, 2022 | 2:00 AM

Build the Self sufficient unit in Barudalpola at Puttlam district on 09 of May.We educated on important of value chain and proper links with producers ,Customers and Markering.25 People participated discussion .We distributed some plants among the team.

Protect the Uchchimunai island in Kalpitiya

Written By Joining Hands Network on Monday, May 30, 2022 | 1:53 AM

Economic, social, and political crisis in Sri Lanka

Support vulnerable families in unprecedented times of economic, social, and political crisis in Sri Lanka Introduction and context:
Although Sri Lanka gained its political Independence in 1948 and has been ruled by nationals for 74 years, they have all failed to develop the country in a sustainable manner. But rarely has the country been facing such a deep social, economic, cultural, and political crisis as the one it’s currently going through. Since the current and very authoritarian government of Sri Lanka came to power, it hasn’t been able to improve people’s lives, and on the contrary has made policies and decisions that have made people’s lives harder, without hope for the future. Until few weeks ago and for years, the president and Prime Ministers were brothers, and 2 other brothers oversaw key cabinet departments, and also 40 extended family members. At one point, the Rajapaksas controlled more than 70% on the country’s budget. That nepotism has normalized corruption and inefficiency, and under their rule, dissent has been severely punished. The white van culture (kidnapping of people raising questions) that had been in existence before 2015 was reintroduced; press freedom is curtailed and the journalists who criticize the government and narrates facts are threatened, attacked, or arrested. When people stage protest to highlight their problems, they are threatened; false accusations are made against people who raise their voice against the government, and many are arrested. Economic, social and political crisis As we write this proposal, Sri Lanka is facing the worst social and economic crisis in its history and is not able to provide to its people the basic necessities like food, fuel, electricity, and medicine. Poor and middle-class families are struggling to get their basic needs of gas, medicine, and food items. They stay in queues for hours and sometimes days not knowing what to do. Fishermen are struggling for fuel; farmers are searching for fertilizer for two years and people engaged in small-scale industries are suffering without capital and raw materials to continue their livelihoods. Due to the dollar scarcity, the Government of Sri Lanka has decided to stop almost all its imports, hence the shortage of raw materials in local markets. The country is in a huge debt burden, is experiencing a shortage of dollars, with a severe depreciation of its own currency, the Rupee. All these have caused immense difficulties for poor and marginalized people, specifically women headed households, people living in IDP camps and displaced. Sri Lanka is unable to pay for the fuel that comes to its ports. The finance minister recently visited India, begging for support to relaunch the economy, and came back with a 1 billion USD loan for fuel and food supply. The Indian State of Tamil Nadu sent a ship full of medicine, rice, and fertilizer on humanitarian grounds, which is worth 2 billion USD. This is a great assistance to the people and would help to breathe in this very difficult hour of the country. When the Government came to power in 2019, it stopped importing chemical fertilizers without any plan and ordered people to go for organic fertilizers. Even if this was a great idea, this was made without any plan or support to farmers and has resulted in a big fall in the cultivation of paddy, tea, other crops and vegetables. This has caused the prices of these items to go beyond the purchasing capacity of the people. The 50 Kg of urea fertilizer which was worth 350 LKR ($0,97) in subsidiary rate has now gone up to 40,000 LKR ($111.28) and even at this cost, there are no fertilizer available in the market to buy as well. Unable to cope with the situation, people have been in the streets for more than 45 days to stage protests continuously and demand the departure of the current government and for systemic reforms to be made in the country. Youth, women, social movements and unions, political parties and all sectors have joined the protests. A hashtag #GOHOMEGOTA reached people across the country and the globe. The government attempted to stop this protest many times, but the youth are very strong and organized, and defeated any attempt to deflect the protests and silence their voices. Because of public pressure, Prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was forced to resign, and a new Prime Minister, Ranil Wikkramashinha was appointed on 12th May 2022. But the Peaceful protesters are not happy with the change because peaceful protesters need a structural change. Therefore, they are still engaged in the continuous struggle. Extreme hunger, poverty and lost of hope. In a nutshell, people are moving below the poverty line day by day, and they are in a state of starvation and malnourishment. Considerable number of families are having only one meal per day and not a nutritious, balanced diet at all. This has aroused questions about the nutritious level of the people and caused panic and doubt about the food self-sufficiency and food security in the country. During this chaotic situation, no concern was shown towards people of the northern and eastern regions who suffered from thirty years of war in relation to finding a proper solution to their longstanding problems. Resettlement, livelihood, and security issues are still continuing and need effective mechanisms to be settled. Women in women headed household families are the worst affected among others. In these tragic times their suffering is unbearable. Due to the above-mentioned situation, people who work on daily wages have lost their jobs; fishermen are unable to go fishing due to the shortage of fuel; the Yalakanna session has started for the farmers to cultivate, but the farmers don’t have fertilizers and fuel, due to fuel shortage; people are unable to go to work and the transportation service has totally collapsed. Due to these reasons, schools were closed, and early holidays were given to students. The students who sit for the GCE O/L exams from 23rd May are suffering as no public services of buses are not functioning as regular basis. There’s no fuel for private vehicles as well. Farmers are unable to transport vegetables which were harvested already with many difficulties; therefore, they are suffering for not being able to sell their production. At the same time, due to the shortage of vegetables in the markets, the demand went on high, so vegetable prices have gone sky high. The new Prime Minister has stated that they will be a huge food shortage, which will push people in starvation. We need a holistic and people-centered approach to address the crisis. We fear decisions taken by committees and advisory councils which comprise of private sector business moguls and economists that fail to understand and respond to the human aspects of the crisis. We foresee the solutions provided by these designated experts as failing to be people-centric and impervious to the ground level realities and hardships faced by the working class and rural poor. But now, we need urgent support to respond to the growing needs from communities we serve around the country. We need to provide people with relief while waiting for more holistic solutions to be found by the government. Everyday we receive cries from people who have lost everything and are afraid to lose their loved ones to hunger

GotaGoGama” attacked by Govt supporters

After 30 days of peaceful protests, the Rajapaksa regime unleashed its thugs on the protesters outside Temple Trees. After demolishing the tents and assaulting the people gathered there, the thugs proceeded to Galle Face where they destroyed the tents at GotaGoGama including the medical tent and the library, as police watched. Finally the police began to disperse the attackers with water cannon and tear gas. Riot police have been called in to control the situation as lawyers and office workers came out to protect the protesters. A country wide curfew has been imposed. People were already getting together to rebuild GotaGoGama from the ruins. Condemnation for the attacks on the peaceful protesters came in immediately. Amnesty International said, “Sri Lanka: The state has a duty to create an enabling environment for peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. As such, it must take necessary, reasonable and proportionate measures to de-escalate the violence at peaceful protest sites, in order to protect the right to protest of those who have been peacefully agitating for one month. Amidst reports of injuries sustained by peaceful protestors and of inadequate protection provided by police to guarantee the right to protest, the State must ensure prompt, fair investigations and bring those responsible for such violence to justice.” Television channels live streamed graphic footage of the destruction and the brutal attacks of unarmed people by thugs carrying metal poles. Several people have been hospitalised. “The use of pro-govt thugs to attack peaceful protestors was always one of the more likely ways the Rajapaksa government would try to cling to power – despite virtually the whole country wanting them gone. This changes political dynamic in major and dangerous ways,” warned Alan Keenan from the International Crisis Group. “The Rajapaksas are fascists, the SLPP is a fascist party. Their instincts are always violent, their endgame is always the control of the state. Some should think again if political agreements, interim governments, and above all, constitutional change can be done with fascists,” tweeted Dr. Asanga Welikala, Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Edinburgh. Former cricketing stars Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene also condemned the attacks on the peaceful protesters. “These thugs was assembled at prime minister’s official residence this morning and walked in numbers to assault innocent peaceful anti government can this happen? Police and others just watching this,” said Mahela. “Strongly condemn the violent acts taking place by those inciting & participating, irrespective of political allegiances. Violence won’t solve the current problems. I request all citizens to remain calm & exercise restraint. I urge everyone to work together in solving this crisis,” said President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was expected to resign today but instead brought busloads of his supporters to plead with him to stay on, tweeted, “While emotions are running high in #lka, I urge our general public to exercise restraint & remember that violence only begets violence. The economic crisis we’re in needs an economic solution which this administration is committed to resolving.” To which Kumar Sangakkara replied, “The only violence was perpetrated by your “supporters” – goons and thugs who came to your office first before going on to assault the peaceful protestors.” “Every single time the Rajapaksas take the back alley instead of the high road. Violence, Emergency laws and fake followers will not stop the momentum of change. Expect serious repercussions if any peaceful protestors or media are harmed,” opposition leader Sajith Premadasa warned. The Bar Association called on the IGP and the police to take immediate action to prevent the protesters from being attacked. “There will be grave repercussions to the Government, the IGP and the police if they fail to take action to deal with this situation,” the Bar Association said. “These thugs of the regime who attacked the peaceful protestors came to the Prime Minister’s residence on his invitation, and walked miles beating unarmed civilians. What was the police doing all that time? Is this what the President declared emergency regulations for?” asked former speaker Karu Jayasuriya. US Ambassador Julie Chung said, “We condemn the violence against peaceful protestors today, and call on the government to conduct a full investigation, including the arrest & prosecution of anyone who incited violence. Our sympathies are with those injured today and we urge calm and restraint across the island.” British High Commissioner Sarah Hulton said, “Strongly condemn the violence against peaceful protestors today. The authorities have a responsibility to safeguard citizens’ rights to protest peacefully and to hold the perpetrators of violence to account.” “Trending memes right now suggest GGG 2.0 is going to be stronger, more networked, more diverse, and bigger. Today’s violence clearest indication Rajapaksas just don’t get it. You can’t shoot, kill, tear gas away this protest,” according Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa. There was some push back with the thugs pushed into the Beira Lake near Temple Trees and buses being attacked as they left. All government and private sector trade unions, including port, railway and postal workers jointly decide to call a general strike from now on to protest the brutal attack on peaceful protesters carried out by the supporters of the Rajapaksa regime. Latest news reports said Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned.

O6 of May -island-wide hartal

Over 2,000 trade unions in Sri Lanka have called a 24-hour, island-wide hartal – in what organisers say will be the country’s biggest general strike in decades – on Friday (06) in solidarity with protestors who are demanding the resignation of the government. Transport, banking, health, power, education and other sectors will withdraw from services for a period of 24 hours on Friday as part of the campaign, organisers said. Hartal is an Indian word for a total shutdown of workplaces. Convenor of the union alliance Ravi Kumudesh told reporters on Thursday (05) that more than 2,000 unions and civil bodies have agreed to go on the one-day strike. The railway union alliance, Teachers and principals union as well as the Ceylon Bank Employees’ Union confirmed to EconomyNext their participation in the hartal. The unions previously went on a one-day strike on April 29, in support of ongoing protests against the current government with the participation of more than 1,000 unions bringing the country to a virtual standstill. “We have decided to support the hartal tomorrow by going on a one day strike. We have more than 18 state and private banks and also unions of the central bank with us. They have confirmed their participation and as a result all banks and their branches will be closed tomorrow,” a spokesperson for the Ceylon Bank Employees’ Union said. The Nurses Association, the Public Health Officers Union, fishing unions and the postal union have also announced their support for the May 06 hartal. A spokesman for the health sector unions said, other than health officers, all unions will be on strike from 7am Friday for 24 hours. The spokesman asked the general public not to come to health institutes other than for emergencies. All health sector unions will protest in front of the Ministry of Health from 9am Friday, the spokesman said. Several civil organisations and unions affiliated with the ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) said they will not support the hartal and will continue operations without putting further burden on the general public. The SLPP Progressive Employees’ Association of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and the Train Engine Drivers’ Association told reporters that no employees representing their unions will take part in the strike. However, the hartal organisers warned that from May 11 onwards the alliance will go on a continuous strike until the government and the president steps down from their positions. Protests have erupted islandwide against the government and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa over what has become Sri Lanka’s worst economic crisis since independence. A daily protest organised and attended by people with no political party affiliation is being held in front of the presidential secretariat in Colombo for the 27th day running. (Colombo/May05/2022) Tags: Gotabaya RajapaksahartalprotestSri Lankastrike

Main Activities

01. Conducting Research.
02. Pressurizing for land rights.
03. Mobilizing the landless people.
04. File court cases regarding land issues.
05. Networking the affected communities.
06. Providing Trainings for leaders.
07. Conduct workshops.

Praja Abhilasha Network

Francis Priyankara Costa

Francis Priyankara Costa
National Coordinator of Praja Abhilasha Network

Partner Organizations of Praja Abhilasha Network

  • 01.National Fisheries Solidarity Movement
  • 02.Rural Womens' Front
  • 03.Tricomalee District Fisheries Solidarity
  • 04.Kaluthara District Fisheries Solidarity
  • 05.Savisthri Womens' Organization
  • 06.Praja Association
  • 07.Paanama Pattu Protection Organization
  • 08.Praja Shakthi Development Foundation
  • 09.Praja Vimukthi Foundation
  • 10.Ruhunu Fisheries Organization (Ruhunu Diriya)
  • 11.District Fisheries Solidarity (DIFSO)
  • 12.Southern Fisheries Organization- Galle
  • 13.United Federation of Labour
  • 14.Ecumenical Institute for Study & Dialogue (EISD)
  • 15.Sri Vimukthi Women’s Organization
  • 16.United Negombo Lagoon Fisher People’s organization.
  • 17.Puttalam District Fisheries Solidarity
  • 18.Southern Fisheries Organization-Matara
  • 19.Miridiya Fisheries Organization
  • 20.Muslim Women Research Action Front
  • 21.Savisthri Womens' Organization-Monaragala
  • 22.Savisthri Womens' Organization-Matale

Steering Committee Members

  • 01.Mr.Francis Priyankara Costa[National Coordinator]
  • 02.Mr.Herman Kumara[President]
  • 03.Mr. Pathmanathan[Vice President]
  • 04.Ms. K Subashini [Treasurer]
  • 05.Mr. Francis Raajan
  • 06.Mr.Ishaiden
  • 07.Mr. Channa Silva
  • 08.Mrs.K.P.Somalatha
  • 09.Mr.Shashikaran
  • 10.Mrs.Devapriya
  • 11.Mr.Anthony
  • 12.Mr.Vasikaran
  • 13.Mr.Inbanayagam
  • 14..Mr .Benedict Croos
  • 15.Mr.Sahan Isanka
  • 16.Mr.Sanjeewa Sampath Jayawardana
  • 17.Mr. Manoj Silva
  • 18.Mr.Mohammed Raheem
  • 19.Mr.J.Hema Munipura
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